25 Best Scholarships For International Students in the USA 20-2021

The USA is one of the most cherished countries for international students who want to get top-level education and a great career. We made a list of best scholarships in the USA which are offered by universities and colleges. And also the scholarships which offer institutions and the US governments.


Foreign Fulbright Student Program

This program is offered to the International students who want to complete a Masters or P.hd degree in the USA. You can also get this offer for none degree post-graduation studies. This scholarship offers airfare, tuition fees, cost of books, and insurance and a living stipends.


Humphrey Fellowship Program

This Humphrey Fellowship Program is only for knowledgeable professionals across the world who want to enrich their experience. It will offer a year work opportunity to gain knowledge. You will be trained to improve your leadership ability and to be more expertise to serve the public in public or private sectors. If you are selected for this program, they will bear all your expenses throughout the year.


Universities and Colleges Which Give International students Scholarship in the USA



The American University Scholarship

American University (AU) every year offer a scholarship for a small number of international students who are meritorious. It is a scholarship for undergraduate students studying in the first year. But they will not provide any aid for international students. According to your merit scholarship, you may need to pay $6000 to $25000 every academic year. It can vary from year to year.


Amherst College Scholarship

Amherst College offers International students a scholarship that helps an International student financially if needed. You have to specify your financial needs after admitting into the college. Then, the college authority will provide help according to your needs that you said to them. This help is also known as “aid package” as they may help you by giving you a part-time job or by directly giving you money.


Berea College Scholarship

Berea College is the only college in the USA that provides a hundred per cent scholarship to all the International students for the first year after admitting via scholarship. This full free scholarship and aid include tuition, fees, board and room. But International students have to save $1000 to bear their expenses in coming years. The college also provides part-time jobs in the summer so that the international students can save this amount of money.


Clark University Scholarship

Clark Global Scholars Program is a service provided by Clark University to the first year visiting students( not on transfer). International students who attended a minimum of four years in any school in the USA can also grab this opportunity. They give $15000 to $25000 in four years to the student in this scholarship if the student can fulfil all conditions properly every year. For research assistantship or paid internship, you will get a taxable $2500 guaranteed as a stipend.


Colby-Sawyer College Scholarships

Colby-Sawyer College offers International students a merit-based scholarship including financial help. Depending on your GPA, you will get $15000 to $2800 every year. But this college never allots any full free scholarship.


Columbia College Scholarships

meritorious International students are awarded and given scholarships by Columbia College every year. The prizes are 15-100% tuition fees stipend or one-time cash offer.


Concordia College Scholarships

International students are awarded by this college for their contributions on the campus and offer financial aids also. The financial aid is calculated by merit and family needs. Concordia College gave up to $28000 yearly as a stipend to an international student. This scholarship program is very competitive. A merit-based International student of 1st year can get up to $28000 yearly from 1st year to 4th year based on the performance.


Dartmouth College Scholarships

Dartmouth College considers every student’s financial crisis including International students and helps them according to their needs. Dartmouth College has a fund to help International students. They offer scholarship and travel cost to foreign students.


East Tennessee State University

East Tennessee State University (ETSU) provides scholarships for both graduate and undergraduate international students who are meritorious and has a great prospect. Undergraduate students get $12500 per academic year and graduate students get $11500 per academic year under this scholarship.


East-West Centre

Graduate Degree Fellowship Program of East-West Centre offers 24 months full free post-graduation and PhD degree to the students from Asia, the USA and the Pacific.

While completing graduation at the University of Hawaii, East-West Centre give them a chance to join in the residential, educational and leadership development programs of their Centre.


Emory College Scholarships

Every year, Emory College enroll a number of international students and gives them financial aid in case they need it. Moreover, they encourage international students to apply to the Emory College Scholarship Program for partial to a full merit scholarship.


Illinois Wesleyan University Scholarships

International students have to sit in the entrance exam and score a decent number to qualify for admitting into Illinois Wesleyan University. They also need a good academic record and have to be meritorious. Then, they will get $16000 to $2800 every year for four years if they can keep their performance alive. Moreover, they give the President’s international student scholarship to two students every year which is a full free scholarship. A student can get this opportunity up to four years by his excellence.


Iowa State University International Merit Scholarships

They offer a small number of international students for scholarships every year only for the first-year students. The selection process is very competitive. They will analyze your high school grades and ACT or SAT score. You will get $2000 to $1000 every year which is renewable.


Michigan State University International Scholarships

Michigan State University also offer a small group of undergraduate and postgraduate International students for scholarships. They select only meritorious students who deserve a chance. But the scholarship will not cover your full fund at Michigan State University.


New York University Wagner Scholarships

This scholarship is only for a few selective students including International students. A student will annually get $25000 to $47000 from partial to full free scholarship.


Oregon University Scholarships

Oregon University has a fund of over one million for international students for scholarships and financial aid every year. Both postgraduate and undergraduate students can get this chance. ICSP scholarship, which is a part of their scholarship programs offers a student a full free stipend for 15 credits per term every year. Their scholarships are based on academic merit, financial need, and leadership and public speaking ability.


Wesleyan University Scholarship

Opportunities are minimum for international students to get financial aid at Wesleyan University. Only brilliant students with excellent result and needy can get this help. Only 11 Asian students who are very exceptional can get a full free scholarship under The Freeman Asian Scholars Program for four years to complete graduation. And also, they select only 30 students for financial aid every year. But the number of applicants is more than 600.


University of the West Scholarship

The University of the West offers a scholarship to the International students who are very meritorious and need financial help. Every semester, you will be given full free tuition for 6-12 graduate units and 7.5-13 undergraduate units.



Institutions That Help International Students to Study in the USA by giving Fund


Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarships

World Bank help the students of their member countries to study in many universities around the world by giving full fund to complete graduation and post-graduation. You need to pick a development-related subject to study to get this opportunity. You can choose a university from eight universities in the USA such as Cornell University, University of Chicago, Columbia University, John Hopkins University and Havard University.


AAUW International Fellowships

The American Association of University Women, which is now known as AAUW offers women for research and post-graduation full free scholarship. Only non-resident and foreign women can get this chance. For masters, you will get $18000 and $20000 for PhD and students of postdoctoral will get $3000 under this scholarship.


International Scholarship Program of Aga Khan Foundation

Aga Khan Foundation provides opportunities for a small number of international students to complete post-graduation by giving the scholarship. But you need to be meritorious and a citizen of a developing country who need financial support to get this opportunity. You can complete your postgraduate in many countries including the USA. Every year they give 50% fund directly and 50% on the loan after selecting students through a competitive process.

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